The Company’s lawyers’ experience in Maritime litigation and arbitration is the undisputed indicator of excellent work in this sector. Our lawyers offer our Clients the best legal support in Ukrainian courts, including the Supreme Court of Ukraine and International Arbitration Institutions. Our specialists are involved in the most complicated Maritime disputes and cases in Ukraine, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Our Clients are shipowners, P&I Clubs, banks, charterers, managers, agents, shipbuilders, suppliers as well as bunker, grain, seed, and other commodity traders, who are major players in the international shipping market.

We successfully protect our Clients’ interests in arrests of vessels, collisions, bunkers, cargo, and charter party cases, and ensure enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards. Furthermore, we have great experience in disputes arising from ship repair and ship-building contracts.
Hard work, high standards, and a professional attitude to each client and every occasion, gave us the opportunity to achieve international recognition.

We advise on a broad range of shipping and international trade issues and provide legal support in matters relating to:

– Arbitration and ADR (LMAA, LCIA, FOSFA, GAFTA, etc.)
– Enforcement of court arbitration awards, judgments, and mortgages
– Cargo claims
– Bunker and other supply claims
– Shipbuilding and ship repair disputes
– Marine insurance
– Ship sale & purchase disputes
– Collisions, salvage, and wrecks
– Environmental regulation
– Ship and crew management agreements
– Vessel ownership disputes
– Shipping fraud and asset tracing
– Ship Mortgage
– International Sanctions
– Inland Water Transport

The Black Sea Law Company’s lawyers provide specialized legal services to P&I Clubs, Shipowners, Charterers, Cargo Owners, Shipyards and shipping agencies. Wherein, our lawyers thoroughly study the matter of conflicts of interest before providing exact corresponding legal service or advice. This practice includes ship arrest; pollution of the environment; maritime insurance (H&M, P&I); shipbuilding and repairing of vessel disputes; sale & purchase process of vessel & yachts; bill of lading disputes; vessel ownership disputes, etc.

With regard to national and international trade, we provide a dispute resolution service in respect of cargo and freight claims. In light of the fact that Ukraine occupies a leading position in the international agricultural market, our Team provides clients with full support for all trade law issues in Ukrainian jurisdiction.
Ukraine is one of the largest agriculture trade centers in the world and the number one in sunflower oil exporters, as well as grain, corn and other agricultural products also exporting under international contractual regulation. We provide international traders, shippers and other players of the trading and shipping business excellent legal services due to charter-parties and bills of lading disputes on GAFTA and FOSFA rules.

Our specialists have an exceptional understanding of the maritime law industry and invaluable experience in resolving disputes related to:

– Bills of lading and cargo claim
– Charterparties disputes
– Ship arrest
– Contracts of carriage
– Laytime and Demurrage
– Shipbuilding
– Ship sale & purchase
– Marine Insurance (P&I and H&M)
– Marine Pollution
– Salvage & Wreck Removal
– Ship Registration
– General Average

Our team of lawyers has been working with key representatives of the global insurance market for many years and has an exceptional understanding of the insurance industry. Our specialists and international experts are constantly improving their professional level through exchanges of experience with P&I clubs, insurance companies and insurance brokers.

In insurance disputes, our experts prefer a conflict-free solution. We analyze all the risks and provide our clients with an objective legal analysis. Our experts have more than 40 years of experience in the field of insurance. Regarding our professional profile, we can prepare legal advice on the handling and resolution of Claims, providing advice and expertise to all aspects of marine-related matters.

We provide expert legal advice and dispute resolution services to defend clients’ interests and ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory frameworks.
The company’s specialists regularly provide their legal opinions and proposals for improving Ukrainian insurance legislation, as well as aimed at implementing international standards and principles of marine insurance to existing regulations.

Black Sea Law Company offers a wide range of corporate services in Ukraine, from the incorporation of all types of companies, structuring holdings and commercial groups, including, but not limited, trading, ship owning and operating the business, to handling complex corporate disputes between shareholders and entities, either private sector and state authorities. We combine vast experience with a wealth of knowledge of local law and business practice.

The successful experience of our Team includes investigating fraud in the shipping industry, auditing the financial activities and management efficiency of Shipping companies, as well as advising on a wide range of corporate governance issues for companies providing maritime services, such as ship management, ship repair, bunkering, crewing, ship agency services, etc.

Our Team advises clients on a broad range of finance and private equity matters. This includes advising major lenders, operating companies, and equity investors on all aspects of the financing of ships. Black Sea Law Company focuses on both cross-border and domestic shipping finance.

Our team has been involved in infrastructure projects both onshore and offshore. We have advised on concession projects on Ukrainian ports, working with international advisers, financial structures and port operators. Our legal services cover the renewables segment of the energy sector.

We advise investors, developers, operators, and contractors on contractual and regulatory matters and have extensive experience with the tenders and contracts applied by the industry. BSLC assists with the resolution of disputes by mediation, settlement negotiation, litigation, or arbitration in cases concerning the infrastructure and energy sector.

Company experts were involved in investment and infrastructure projects from both the private and public sectors. Our clients include governments, port authorities, port, and terminal operators, etc. We concentrate our practice on governmental law, and legislative and regulatory matters with a focus on shipping, insurance, banking, and investments.

Our real estate team advises a wide range of Ukrainian, EU-based and other international clients, including developers, landlords, investors and financiers.

Whoever you are and whatever your property needs, members of our experienced and dedicated team have the experience and resources to provide the advice and support you need.

Real estate remains one of the most stable assets, which is related to the profitability of investing in this industry. Financing and investments require a complex approach and risk analysis, which is professionally provided by our team. We conduct comprehensive due diligence, including sanction and regulatory compliance, providing clients with professional service.

Our projects include:

– investments in real estate

– commercial real estate and private property

– financing of real estate projects

– public-private partnership

– construction

– industrial investment

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