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Black Sea Law Company is the organizer of the must-attended global maritime event which takes place in Odessa, Ukraine.

It is a very useful and reliable professional networking platform for Ukrainian Shipping, Financial and Trading business. IMIS is the place where you can meet necessary for you people from all over the world, but IMIS is focused on the representation of the Ukrainian business for international services: legal and insurance.

It should be noted that the Odessa region has one of the highest levels of economic development of Ukraine and the Odessa city is the “Maritime Capital” of Ukraine.

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Evgeniy Sukachev

Senior Partner

+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Evgeniy Sukachev graduated from the faculty of law of Odessa National Maritime Academy (LLB), the faculty of administrative law of Odessa National Law Academy – High School of Judgment (LLM), the faculty of history of Mechnikov I.I. Odessa National University and was the first Ukrainian participant of the Maritime Law Short Course of Southampton University (the course program 2019).

Mr Sukachev is the Senior Partner at Black Sea Law Company and head of the company’s shipping practice department, practicing in maritime law, particularly related to ship arrest and release, maritime arbitration, insurance, and assisting Ukrainian and international clients such as shipowners, P&I Clubs, ship-repair factories and shipyards, insurance companies, banks and other parties of maritime business. He has extensive litigation experience before Ukrainian courts in ship arrest and releases cases.

Mr Sukachev had worked in the Commercial Court of Appeal of the Odessa region for about seven years, while also acting as head of the Trade Union of the Commercial Court of Appeal of the Odessa region. In 2011, he was appointed as head of G.A.S. Law Firm and in 2013 he became a senior partner at Black Sea Law Company. Mr Sukachev is the attorney-at-law and a board member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association (UMBA) and represents Ukraine on the Comité Maritime International (CMI) on behalf of the UMBA. He is also a board member of the Odessa regional branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association, and a member of the International Bar Association and Odessa Bar Association. Mr Sukachev has been a delegate for the UMBA at the CMI annual meetings, seminars and conferences since 2014; one of them was the Assembly, which was held in New York in 2016 to bring into force the York Antwerp Rules.

Mr Sukachev takes part in analyzing and developing the international and Ukrainian legal acts mentioned with the aim of protecting the underwater archaeology heritage.

Anastasiya Sukacheva


+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Anastasiya Sukacheva assists companies and individuals in maritime insurance and also has significant experience in commercial litigation and solving infrastructure cases. Mrs Sukacheva provides government relations advice to clients from all over the world. She has an unparalleled combination of industry, regulatory, and legal knowledge.

Anastasiya Sukacheva has extensive experience in representing the interests of Ukrainian business, private clients in legal and regulatory matters.She has practical experience in advising corporate clients and resolving disputes between them. In addition, she constantly advises domestic and international clients in maritime insurance.

Mrs Sukacheva acted as a consultant during the Client`s preparation for a concession project based in Ukraine. She dealt with market conditions, risk assessment, analysis, and assessment of the commercial efficiency of the investment project.

Mrs Sukacheva is a member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association and the Ukrainian Bar Association.
Anastasiya Sukacheva graduated from the faculty of law of the Odessa National Law Academy (LLB); faculty of economics of the Odessa National Economic University (LLB). Anastasiya is fluent in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Richard Lovett


+38 (094) 948 05 50
+44 748 765 05 06
Richard Lovett has over 40 years of experience in the marine insurance market working as a broker, an underwriter and a claims handler. Although Mr Lovett specializes particularly in the P&I market he also has great experience with Marine Liabilities, Hull & Machinery, Cargo and other marine associated risks. Richard Lovett has a network of contacts worldwide having worked with markets in Europe, including Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Richard Lovett is a Consultant at Black Sea Law Company and provides excellent expertise on insurance and reinsurance questions. According to his professional experience, Mr Lovett is able to prepare the best solution for our clients on how to insure their assets.

Richard Lovett is looking to offer advice on all aspects of Marine and access to Non-Marine Insurance, giving Assured an opportunity to explore potential avenues of enhancing control and understanding over their insurance requirements, which would include both their specific cover and costings.

Vadim Korneluk

Associate Partner

+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Vadim Korneluk is the Associated Partner at Black Sea Law Company, practicing in maritime, commercial and labor law, as well as high-level professionals in “Business crime defense” and Criminal litigation, concerning crimes in the sea. Moreover, Mr Korneluk has great experience consulting huge agricultural traders, shipyards with restructuring debts and finance structures.

Vadim Korneluk worked in the Commercial Court of the Kherson region, JSC “Ukrrechflot”, JSC “Kherson Shipbuilding and Ship repair Yard by the name of Comenterne” and Kherson Commercial port.

Elena Mokryak

Senior Lawyer

+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Elena Mokryak is a senior lawyer at Black Sea Law Company with a particular focus in Shipping, Commercial and Civil Law. Her practice is focused on the analysis of legal relations and the preparation of contracts that meet the interests of the client, on contract, and claims work.
Mrs Mokryak has significant legal experience with a thorough understanding and working knowledge of applicable laws and rules of evidence, civil and commercial procedure, trial practice and tort.

Elena Mokryak was engaged in the: legal support of the client in the process of preparing for participation in the concession tender as a result of which many of our comments to the tender documentation were accepted; legal support of the freight forwarder in legal relations with the carrier related to demurrage and detention; legal support of the shipowner in legal relations arising in connection with the spill in the Ukrainian ports; legal support of a P&I club in legal relations related to the payment of compensation for death.

Mokryak Elena graduated from Odessa National Maritime University (2003).

Mrs Mokryak is a member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association and the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Irina Dolya


+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Irina Dolya is an associate in the Odessa office of Black Sea Law Company and a member of the company’s shipping practice team. Ms Dolya is exclusively qualified in Shipping law, graduated from the Law faculty of Odessa National Maritime Academy as a Master of Law. She is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Ms Irina Dolya is a member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association. She specialized in Maritime Claims, Commercial disputes, Arbitration, awards execution, ecological regulation and infrastructure projects (Concession of Ports).

Highlight Matters:

Consultation in disputes between P&I clubs and Seafarers
Legal support for crew members employment
Resolving disputes arising out of the charter party non-fulfillment
Counterparties verification
Consultation regarding vessel sale
Legal support for vessel arrest based on the active maritime claim and vessel release in Ukrainian ports
Acting for shipowners and charterers in disputes with ecological inspections regarding fines and detentions
Legal support for concession projects
Supporting disputes arising out of the injuries or death cases onboard
Consultation regarding international sanctions and Ukrainian sanctions effect on the Shipping industry

Margarita Bendiuha


+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Margarita Bendiuha is an Associate at Black Sea Law Company with a particular focus in the Shipping Law practice in the area of civil and commercial litigation at the maritime sector. Margarita is a member of the shipping practice team. She assists attorneys who advise on a wide range of shipping matters, acting for P&I Clubs, owners and charterers, advising on charterparty and bill of lading disputes, MOAs and ship management agreements. Her practice includes also advising local and international clients on disputes involving issues of civil law and commercial law.

As for other areas of practice, Margarita’s experience is related to advising on administrative offenses as well as the court practice of this category of cases. She also has experience in legal assistance in cases of customs clearance of ships in the ports of Ukraine and in resolving disputes related to inspection activity carried out by maritime authorities (Port State Control).

Ms Bendiuha graduated from the Faculty of Civil and Economic Justice of Odessa National Law Academy (LL.M Honours degree).

Ms Bendiuha is fluent in Ukrainian, English, and Russian. She is a member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association, Ukrainian Bar Association and Young International Arbitration Group.

Konstantin Doroshenko

Maritime Consultant

+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Konstantin Doroshenko is Seagoing Master Mariner and Maritime Consultant at Black Sea Law Company. Mr Doroshenko has over a of total 20 years of sea experience on passenger and expedition ships, container and cargo ships with marine accident investigation, auditing, survey, and project cargo handling experience. Mr Doroshenko has gained an honors degree, post-graduate certification, and a range of specialist training qualifications including management in ISM, ISPS, STCW, Ice Navigation and navigation auditor, and risk assessment analyst. Konstantin Doroshenko has investigated a number of high-profile accidents from a flag state, coastal state, and P&I perspective, with incidents ranging from certification fraud to cruise ship groundings, lifting equipment failure, various fires, explosions, and personal injuries and accidents, near misses – making him a specialist in post-incident and root cause analysis.

Highlight Matters:

Auditing and review all the documents of ships registration and preparation of Vessels Certificates
Reviewed Certificates of the ship, inspection
Survey of ships & Verification if they comply with the SOLAS for 1974 its protocols and Amendments
Perform Occasional Surveys for ship accidents and determination of Damages/repairs required
Perform the general condition survey of the ship and preparing reports

As well as commercial shipping, Konstantin is well versed in maritime expedition and polar code (ice shipping) and has provided project planning advice, program management, marine environmental services and due diligence surveys in polar waters (Antarctica and Arctic).

Diana Lіashenko


+38 (094) 948 05 50
+38 (048) 737 37 10
Diana Lіashenko is a paralegal of the Black Sea Law Company, which specializes in the practice of litigation in the field of civil and commercial litigation in the maritime sector.

Diana is engaged in preparing analytical materials, writing claims, procedural documents, statements and consultations. Also, analysis of national court practice, research of national and foreign legislation to form an effective position in defending clients’ interests. Specializes in enforcement proceedings, arrest of ships, arbitration, labor disputes and contracts. Diane does full due diligence and compliance control of counterparties.

She shows herself to be a motivated and focused worker who constantly strives to develop and improve herself.

Ms Liashenko graduated from the Faculty of bar of Odessa National Law Academy.

She is a member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association and member of the board of the Student League Ukrainian Bar Association.

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