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Black Sea Law Company is the organizer of the must-attended global maritime event which takes place in Odessa, Ukraine.

It is a very useful and reliable professional networking platform for Ukrainian Shipping, Financial and Trading business. IMIS is the place where you can meet necessary for you people from all over the world, but IMIS is focused on the representation of the Ukrainian business for international services: legal and insurance.

It should be noted that the Odessa region has one of the highest levels of economic development of Ukraine and the Odessa city is the “Maritime Capital” of Ukraine.

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Our team of lawyers has been working with key representatives of the global insurance market for many years and has an exceptional understanding of the insurance industry. Our specialists and international experts are constantly improving their professional level through exchanges of experience with P&I clubs, insurance companies and insurance brokers. Based on an understanding of the professional aspects of the insurance industry, BSLC held the International Maritime Insurance Seminar in 2019. The IMIS – is a useful and reliable professional networking platform for Ukrainian Shipping, Financial and Trading business. This successful event has shown confidence in BSLC professionals. Сonsequently, IMIS will be an excellent annual event for the best representatives of the International Maritime Insurance Business.

In insurance disputes, our experts prefer a conflict-free solution. We analyze all the risks and provide our clients with an objective legal analysis. Our experts have more than 40 years of experience in the field of insurance. Regarding our professional profile, we can prepare legal advice on the handling and resolution of Claims, providing advice and expertise to all aspects of marine-related matters.

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